Gear Tooth Replacement

Example of  Tooth Replacement

This photo illustrates the locking dovetail method of tooth replacement. I performed this repair on an old English great wheel.  The clock came into the shop with these two teeth bent and cracked.  (Note the original maker's  hand filing marks on this 200 year old handmade wheel)

Damage can occur to one or more teeth of the gears (wheels) that transmit energy from the weight or mainspring to the rest of the geartrain.  Most often this occurs when a mainspring breaks.  As long as the damage does not involve too many teeth,  the damaged or broken tooth or teeth can be removed and replaced with new.  A new piece of brass is dovetailed into the wheel and soldered.  New teeth are then filed into the replacement brass that precisely matches the toothform of the original teeth.  The area of repair is then polished to make the final repair nearly invisible.

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